Update to new click handling from newgl.
Fix dragging in complex-fractal

Return t from complex fractal's handle-drag method.
Update with recent newgl changes.

Specifically, newgl:viewer -> newgl:display and handle aspect ratios better.
Add strange attractor.
Add transform to vertex shader.

Add another example julia set...
Change julia set coloring algorithm.
Remove New aspect ratio message.
Big refactor.

Refactor to use newgl shader classes.
Add julia set animations.
Add burning ship and burning ship julia sets.
Use same color pattern in julia and mandelbrot sets.  Fix project.org typo
Get Julia set working.
Make complex-fractal use vertex-object base class.
Copy Mandelbrot code for start of julia sets.
Refactor complex-window into its own file, add some unit tests for it.
Add example to project.org, add a little to README.md
Refactor mandelbrot to use complex-fractal base class.
Initial commit with Mandelbrot set moved over from newgl package.