Assorted changes.

* More tests
* #'grid-disks-unsafe
* #'show-decoded-h3-index
* #'d2r, #'r2d
Small whitespace changes, export h3-to-string
Remove unnecessary (symbol-function) calls.
Add tests, fixed bugs

* Add lat, lng, and lat-lng functions
* Fix type bug in get-icosahedron-faces
* Add cells-edges tests
* Make clh3i functions inline
* Delete old commented out code
* Finish basic tests
Big ugly commit

* Update project.org
* Refactor test package a little
* Starting to implement tests based on Python/Java tests
* Refactored clh3i out into its own lisp and asd files
* Made `res` parameter to `cell-to-children` `&optional`
Create wrappers for the rest.
Fix bug in compact-cells
Wrap a bunch of functions.

TODO: Handle errors
Wrap more functions
Assorted changes from laptop

* Livrary/include changes to build against libh3.dylib on OSX
* Change :int64 to :uint64 in a few places
* Add neighbors test/example
* Add exports based on `make binding-functions`