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First working implementation.
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M blend2d-surface.lisp
M package.lisp
A shaders/bls-fragment.glsl
A shaders/bls-vertex.glsl
M blend2d-surface.lisp => blend2d-surface.lisp +81 -22
@@ 17,27 17,86 @@

(in-package :blend2d-surface)

(defclass vertex-object (vertex-object)
  ((vertices :initarg :vertices)
   (indices :initarg :indices)
   (primitive-type :initarg :primitive-type :initform :triangles))
(defparameter *shader-dir* (asdf:system-relative-pathname :blend2d-surface "shaders/")
  "Directory containing newgl shaders.")

(defclass blend2d-surface (newgl:vertex-object)
  ((newgl:vertices :initform (make-array
                              (* 4 (+ 3 2))
                              :element-type 'single-float
                              :initial-contents '(-1.0f0 1.0f0 0.0f0  0.0f0 1.0f0
                                                  -1.0f0  -1.0f0 0.0f0  0.0f0 0.0f0
                                                   1.0f0  1.0f0 0.0f0  1.0f0 1.0f0
                                                   1.0f0 -1.0f0 0.0f0  1.0f0 0.0f0
   (newgl:indices :initform (make-array
                       :element-type 'fixnum
                       :initial-contents '(0 1 2 1 3 2)))
   (newgl:primitive-type :initform :triangles)
   (newgl:shader-program :initform (newgl:make-shader-program
                                    (newgl:shader-from-file (merge-pathnames *shader-dir* "bls-vertex.glsl"))
                                    (newgl:shader-from-file (merge-pathnames *shader-dir* "bls-fragment.glsl"))))
   (size :initarg :size :initform 1024)
   (textures :initform nil))
  (:documentation "Base class for all objects that can be rendered in a scene."))

(defmethod fill-buffers ((object vertex-object))
  (with-slots (vbos ebos vertices indices) object
    (cond ((null vbos)
           (setf vbos (gl:gen-buffers 1))
           (setf ebos (gl:gen-buffers 1))
           (let ((gl-vertices (to-gl-float-array vertices))
                 (gl-indices (to-gl-array indices :unsigned-int)))

             (gl:bind-buffer :array-buffer (car vbos))
             (gl:buffer-data :array-buffer :dynamic-draw gl-vertices)
             (gl:free-gl-array gl-vertices)

             (gl:bind-buffer :element-array-buffer (car ebos))
             (gl:buffer-data :element-array-buffer :dynamic-draw gl-indices)
             (gl:free-gl-array gl-indices)))
           (gl:bind-buffer :array-buffer (car vbos))
           (gl:bind-buffer :element-array-buffer (car ebos))))))

(defgeneric draw-image (obj img ctx size))

(defmethod draw-image ((obj blend2d-surface) img ctx size)
  (declare (ignorable obj img ctx size))
      ((circle bl:circle))
    (dotimes (i 2000)
        (let* ((sx (random (coerce size 'double-float)))
               (sy (random (coerce size 'double-float)))
               (radius (random (/ size 50.0))))

          (setf (bl:circle.cx circle) sx)
          (setf (bl:circle.cy circle) sy)
          (setf (bl:circle.r circle) radius)
          (bl:lookup-error (bl:context-set-comp-op ctx bl:+comp-op-src-over+))
          (bl:lookup-error (bl:context-set-fill-style-rgba32 ctx (random #16rffffffff)))
          (bl:lookup-error (bl:context-fill-geometry ctx bl:+geometry-type-circle+ circle))))))

(defgeneric draw-texture (obj))

(defmethod draw-texture ((obj blend2d-surface))
  (with-slots (size textures) obj
        (img ctx :width size :height size)
        ((data bl:image-data))
      (draw-image obj img ctx size)
      (bl:image-get-data img data)
      (gl:tex-image-2d :texture-2d 0 :rgba size size 0 :rgba :unsigned-byte (bl:image-data.pixel-data data))
      (gl:generate-mipmap :texture-2d))))

(defmethod newgl:fill-buffers ((object blend2d-surface))
  (with-slots (textures size) object
    (when textures
      (error "fill-buffers called twice!"))
    (setf textures (gl:gen-textures 1))
    (gl:bind-texture :texture-2d (car textures))
    (gl:tex-parameter :texture-2d :texture-wrap-s :repeat)
    (gl:tex-parameter :texture-2d :texture-wrap-t :repeat)
    (gl:tex-parameter :texture-2d :texture-base-level 0)
    (gl:tex-parameter :texture-2d :texture-max-level 8)
    (gl:tex-parameter :texture-2d :texture-min-filter :linear-mipmap-linear)
    (gl:tex-parameter :texture-2d :texture-mag-filter :linear)
    (draw-texture object)))

(defmethod newgl:bind-buffers ((object blend2d-surface))
  (with-slots (textures) object
    (gl:bind-texture :texture-2d (car textures))))

(defmethod newgl:cleanup ((object blend2d-surface))
  (with-slots (textures) object
    (when textures
      (gl:bind-texture :texture-2d 0)
      (gl:delete-textures textures)
      (setf textures nil)))

M package.lisp => package.lisp +3 -1
@@ 17,4 17,6 @@

(defpackage :blend2d-surface
  (:use #:cl #:j-utils #:alexandria)
  (:export #:hello))
  (:export #:blend2d-surface

A shaders/bls-fragment.glsl => shaders/bls-fragment.glsl +8 -0
@@ 0,0 1,8 @@
#version 330 core
in vec2 texCoordOut;
out vec4 color;
uniform sampler2D image;

void main() {
     color = texture(image, texCoordOut);

A shaders/bls-vertex.glsl => shaders/bls-vertex.glsl +14 -0
@@ 0,0 1,14 @@
#version 330 core

layout(location = 0) in vec3 position;
layout(location = 1) in vec2 uv;

uniform mat4 transform;

out vec2 texCoordOut;

void main()
    texCoordOut = uv;
    gl_Position = transform * vec4(position.xyz, 1.0);