LiveSplit AutoSplitter for OpenRCT2
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This repository houses the ASL file for the OpenRCT2 autosplitter and the Rust source that generates it. Pushing to this repository will rebuild the ASL file used by LiveSplit with all supported OpenRCT2 releases included.

The autosplitter is included with LiveSplit and works for RCT1 and RCT2. Right-click LiveSplit, choose Edit Splits, then click Activate on the autosplitter to enable it.

#Supported releases

Any GitHub release for OpenRCT2 that satisfies all of the following conditions is supported:

  • has a zip file containing "symbols-x64" in the name
  • has a .pdb file inside that zip with the following symbols
    • gScreenFlag
    • gScenarioCompletedCompanyValue
  • has a zip file containing "windows-portable-x64" in the name
  • has a file called openrct2.exe inside that zip

#How the AutoSplitter works


The timer will automatically start when any scenario is started from the main menu.


The autosplitter will split for you as soon as you complete a scenario.


The timer will reset automatically if you quit to menu from an active scenario.

#How the source generator works

The autosplitter is created from part hand-written code and part generated code. These two parts are simply concatenated together to create the final ASL file that LiveSplit sources.

The generator downloads the list of GitHub releases for OpenRCT2, checks for the conditions listed above, then parses the PDB files to find the memory offsets to specific symbols. It also hashes the binary for each release so that the autosplitter can determine which version it's being used with.