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correct keyword authorized -> authorize
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@@ 42,7 42,7 @@ first column), or a directive. Directives are of the form:

    <keyword> <principal> [command]

Where `<keyword>` is one of `authorized`, `authenticate`, or `deny`;
Where `<keyword>` is one of `authorize`, `authenticate`, or `deny`;
`<principal>` is either a username or a group name prepended with ':', and
`[command]` is an optional command. Tokens must be separated by exactly one
space. Additional white space is not allowed.

@@ 51,7 51,7 @@ The entire configuration file is parsed whenever `privexec` invokes `check`.
Any syntax errors will result in failure. Privilege checking is performed so
as to be most restrictive. In order from least to most:

    `authorized` - The user is authorized to execute the associate command
    `authorize` - The user is authorized to execute the associate command
    without further interaction.

    `authenticate` - The user must authenticate themself before the command

@@ 63,15 63,15 @@ A user name match has higher precedence than a group match, and a match
containing a program name has higher precedence than a match without the
program name. So the total ordering of precedence (from least to most) is:

    authorized :group
    authorize :group
    authenticate :group
    deny :group
    authorized :group command
    authorize :group command
    authenticate :group command
    deny :group command
    authorized user
    authorize user
    authenticate user
    deny user
    authorized user command
    authorize user command
    authenticate user command
    deny user command