disable X touch screen when pen is near
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This is a simple X11 utility that disables a tablet's touchscreen when the
digitizer is near.

It requires the XInput extension and its accompanying library. On Debian, this
is available in the package libxi-dev.

The default pen and touch devices are specified by the PENDEVICE and
TOUCHDEVICE symbolic constants #defined near the top of the code,
respectively. These are the devices on a ThinkPad Yoga (first generation),
on which this program was originally developed. Command line options are
available to override either or both. The options are -t for the touch
device and -p for the pen device. Check the output of xinput(1) for the names
of the devices on your system. Note that if the names of your devices contain
spaces, which is likely, you'll need to quote them in your shell.

A future revision will include an actual man page. As it is, the command is
very simple and provides a basic usage synopsis with the -h option.

A possibility for the future is some sort of intelligent default search