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generate install target
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add BINDIR for final binary
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make out-of-tree building more robust by removing the command line option for source directory


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Maje is a simple utility to generate basic Makefiles for simple utilities. Maje scans a directory tree for C source code, and builds a Makefile with proper dependency information based on that code. The Makefile in this source tree is itself generated by Maje.

There are a few restrictions:

  • Source files must be named ending with .c.

  • Only executables are supported, not libraries (there must be a main()).

  • Only one executable per source tree is supported (exactly one main()).

  • Maje expects the resulting binary to have the same base name as the source file containing main() (e.g. if main() is in maje.c, the binary will be called maje).


Run Maje with:

maje [-n]

By default, Maje will execute make when it is done creating the Makefile. Use the -n option to prevent this.

Maje creates Makefiles with prefixes $(SRCDIR) and $(OBJDIR) for the source directory and object directory, respectively. By default these are set to . (the current directory). An out-of-tree build can be accomplished by first generating the Makefile in the source directory and manually specifying the object directory as an option to make:

maje -n
mkdir obj
make OBDIR=obj


maje -n
mkdir ../build
cd ../build
make -f ${OLDPWD}/Makefile SRCDIR=${OLDPWD}