tests for conformance with ISO/IEC 9899
17679f33 — Jakob Kaivo 1 year, 9 months ago
move type test objects to file scope, remove need for (void)foo to avoid warnings on unused variables
6a2d72af — Jakob Kaivo 1 year, 9 months ago
make testing different versions easier
copy pasta tests from ctype.c


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This is a small set of unit tests for an ISO/IEC 9899 conformant C library.

To build, edit config.mk with the appropriate compiler and flags to link the library you are testing. The run make to get the executable testlibc. Note that the source files depend on your compiler predefinining STDC_VERSION appropriately to determine which tests to include. The default config.mk is configured for testing the UNGOL C library, which is probably not what you want.

By default, running testlibc will run tests for all headers found during compilation, with the exception of <assert.h> (as that test includes an abnormal termination).

To run tests for a specified set of headers, append their base names (without the .h) to the command line. For example, to run only the tests for <stdio.h> and <stdlib.h>, run:

testlibc stdio stdlib

Each test will print either a + (for success) or - (for failure) after it completes. To get verbose output, where each test is displayed as well as the results, use the -v option (it must come before any header names):

testlibc -v
testlibc -v assert