A revision system for single page website and blogs.
You can now click on an element to edit it instead of having to close your previous edit.
Upgraded whole project to Vue3
Refactored button and modal locations


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#Jiyu Web

This is the repository for Jiyu Web, a single page website revision system.

This project aims to be the easiest way for anyone with or without a technical background to create a modern website or blog.

Jiyu Web is built using Laravel and VueJS.

#!! Work in progress !!

This project is in its very early stages. There is not much to see here yet. Nobody should run this for anything but development purposes. This is like, not even version 0.01.


  • Build and manage a modern single page website or blog.
  • Intuitive drag & drop editor.
  • Completely free as in freedom, all Javascript compliant with LibreJS.


Why use PHP?

Almost every webhosting provider runs PHP. Because Jiyu Web is based on PHP it can be deployed on any hosting provider, even ones that only offer simple FTP and no SSH access.

Why use Laravel?

Laravel is currently the most mature and easy to use PHP framework available.

Why use Javascript? Isn't Javascript bad for your freedom?

There is no issue with 100% free Javascript. Jiyu Web will be 100% compliant with the LibreJS browser add-on.

Can I use Jiyu Web to create a normal oldschool non-dynamic website?

No, more than plenty of software exists for this purpose, like Wordpress. Jiyu Web is specifically designed to make building and managing a single page website easy. You can also build single page websites in systems like Wordpress, but this can be a pain because these systems were not initially designed for that.