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This is a Neovim version of the Vim plugin vim-lastplace. It uses the same logic as vim-lastplace but also as much as possible the Neovim Lua API.

When opening a file the plugin will set the cursor position to the edit position instead of top of the file. It ignores commit messages and certain buffer types.


Install using packer.nvim:

use 'https://git.sr.ht/~jhn/remember.nvim'


To use the plugin, simply add the following to your init.vim or init.lua file:

lua <<EOF
require "remember"


These are the default settings of the plugin:

lua <<EOF
require "remember".setup {
  ignore_filetype = { "gitcommit", "gitrebase", "svn", "hgcommit" },
  ignore_buftype  = { "quickfix", "nofile", "help" },
  open_folds      = true

To change them, add the Lua block above to your init.vim or init.lua file and change the values as necessary.