A frequency counter in ASIC
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#Asic Freak

Our entry to the Democratisation of Silicon - Open Source ASIC workshop.

A frequency counter designed in nMigen.

Counts edges on an input pin for 1 second, then latches and outputs the result. Measurement results in [Hz] are output on serial UART.

Also shows the measured frequency in [Hz] on a 9 digit multiplexed 7 segment LED display.

#Code generation

Each python file can be executed to run its internal test-bench.

The top-level file is asic_freq.py.

Generate the complete verilog code like this:

$ python asic_freq.py generate


contains very incomplete board-support files for the CMODA7 (Xilinx 7 series, Vivado) and colorlite (Lattice ECP5, nextpnr-ecp5) FPGA boards. They can be used to test asicfreak on hardware and check the synthesizer output for warnings and timing.

Run python boards/top_*.py from the project root to start synthesis.