I'm Jelle: a programmer and FLOSS enthusiast from the Netherlands. During the day I work at jelle.xyz, during the night I make Indie video games, play the piano, write poetry, code on various projects, watch 80s comedies and read fantasy / sci-fi books.


Skef is a language and tool for keeping and organizing developer lab notes.


Jelle's blog, available at http://jelle.sdf.org/


WordPress theme for Geloofsgemeenschap Het Penninckshuis


Markdown plugin for Flutter


My personal ST configuration


An extremely simple static blog generator made in Haskell


A grayscale color scheme for vim


My slstatus configuration


A Linux terminal Tetrinet fork that changes the client so it looks more like tetris-bsd


My tmux setup.


My personal DWM configuration.


A simple ODS file reader built in GDScript, for usage in the Godot game engine.


Jel is Jelle's editor. It's a VI-like editor, borrowing some features from Vim, and removing stuff that the I don't need.


A zip file browser/decompressor written entirely in GDScript, for usage in the Godot game engine.


Tiny Javascript library that you can use in conjunction with Apache Cordova. It allows you to use the file system as a fallback storage, when the amount of space you get by using regular HTML5 web storage isn't enough. Function calls are modelled after web storage.

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