I'm Jelle: an activist and programmer from the Netherlands.


An implementation of Freepascal's CRT unit for UXN/Varvara. Allowing you to use the screen like a terminal display.


Design for a procedural programming language for UXN


This is the static website stopeacop.nl


My personal DWM configuration.


My personal ST configuration


PNG to UFX converter. UFX is the UXN/Varvara font format


RST number generator for no fun or profit, but for the planet and justice!


Jelle's blog, available at http://jelle.sdf.org/


Christian Climate Action NL Wordpress Theme


Sources for the dutch weblog adaprogrammeur.nl


An extremely simple static blog generator made in Haskell


Skef is a language and tool for keeping and organizing developer lab notes.


WordPress theme for Geloofsgemeenschap Het Penninckshuis


Markdown plugin for Flutter


A grayscale color scheme for vim

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