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## Contact

To report problems with this site or discuss content, use my [public inbox][1], which can be seen by anyone. Use my [encrypted inbox][2] to contact me directly.
If there are problems with this site, use my [public inbox][1] or [email][2] me.

## This Site

- Written in markdown.
- Converted to HTML with [Pandoc][3].
- Custom CSS heavily based on [Skeleton][3] with [Normalize][4].
- Font variant "Sparkle" from [Iosevka][5].
- Server hosted by [Vultr].
- [Pandoc][3] for `md` -> `html`.
- Custom CSS based on [Skeleton][3].
- Font is [Iosevka][5] Aile.
- Hosted on [Vultr].
- Build tools are listed in the project [README][6].

[Pandoc]: https://pandoc.org