Just doodlin' in various rabbit holes


Data structures, dataflow, and a stackless VM


Explorations using the Zig language


Wikit implements a wiki using Tcl and Metakit


Vlerq is an experiment in column-wise data, persistence, and scripting


Single Stepper Board


An early CNC framework based on Node.js


Explorations using the Svelte web framework


RTClib is a lightweight date and time library for JeeNodes and Arduinos


Explorations in MicroPython (and CPython3)


Explorations using Preact-based web apps


Mavrig was an experimental micro application framework for Tcl


Experimental area for tryouts, wild goose chases, dead ends, and so on


A dataflow framework for multi-node embedded systems


JeeRev was the default support library for JeeMon

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