repo of shell scripts and the like
added MIT license
changed to using env to locate bash, also changed some scripts to enable newer version of bash
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this repo just has a few helpful bash scripts


Random Scripts Tracker


Use this script to geo locate your mac and update your slack with that information. Feel free to steal it and modify away. There are a few arrays that you should initialize with values that make sense for you.

running with the -h switch will give you help information

LOCATION_MAP contains geo coordinates that you would normally be visiting (and that you don't mind updating slack with!).

EMOJI_MAP is the array with the emojis to use for the locations found in LOCATION_MAP.

there are two dependancies, make sure to install:


if you wish to update slack.



this is required no matter what - it's what queries the mac's location services.

example crontab entry: 0 * * * * /Users/jcolson/bin/whereami -s


print timezone information out on command line. useful as a GeekTool script for your desktop


does exactlys as it's name implies ... just retreives the certificate from an SSL host


This script helps java developers check to insure that class files are compiled for specific versions of java


This script uses netcat and bash's /dev/net/ redirection to test bandwidth between two endpoints. The TCP port that you select must be an open path (the script does test for that).