Add bingo caller
Prevent Google's AI from eating my content
Add Sometimes no tech is better
Add Last Child in the Woods
Add Classik Krakauer
Add Hyperlinks and focused reading
Remove resume

This site is for my personal stuff. A resume is too work-ish. Extract it
to a separate repository instead.
Use normal filenames for compressed images
Use better image compression

Turns out jpeg is way smaller than png, and webp is even smaller. Make
images page resources in order to make auto-process them rather than
converting manually.
Don't show scroll bars unless needed
Cleanup styles

Remove unused CSS or styles that are default anyway.
Turn off code syntax highlighting

I like syntax highlighting, but it's adding ~10 kB just to load a page
with a couple of not-that-big code blocks (combo mods blog post). Not
worth it. (Highlighting only adds ~3kB if done via inline styles --
noClasses: true in the config -- but then switching from light to dark
mode doesn't work.)
Make code blocks wider by default

The expandable code block stuff is cool, but it isn't necessary. Make
code blocks as wide as they can/need to be (up to a limit) all the time.
Use lower-contrast color for big borders
Bring back system fonts

I've been torn for a long time about this decision. IBM Plex is a nice
font, but I hate to load 10s of KB extra just for that. I think that
I've finally come to the conclusion that simpler is better, and that
system fonts are more in line with my web philosophy and (lack of)
design skills.
Always put header at the top

The side header was starting to look weird to me. Put the header at the
top all the time, and tweak other styles to make it look good that way.
Use content hash query parameter for fonts.

Update the font URLs in CSS just like the href and src attributes in
HTML, eliminating the need to manually add content hashes to file names.

This reverts commit 7017eda3ba121a9252a0d66246c1297153fce94e.
Quote URLs with hash query param added

Looks like having = in an unquoted attribute value is a no-no.
Redo footer

Be more verbose. Move "last updated" text into the footer. Give it a bit
more space.
Trim down resume