Add gift-exchange.py
Add Dead Wake
Add description of how git-personal-builder works
Move hugo-site to SourceHut
Add git-personal-builder
Add builder for publishing to srht.site
Use summary as meta description
Add vim-sway-nav
Move topdf to SourceHut
Remove links when displaying a page's summary

Also centralize summary rendering using the `.Render` function.
Remove links to external profiles

My website is my online "profile" -- I'll use other services as needed,
but not as a profile or an aggregator of my work.
Give code creations a real page

I want these new pages to be the canonical home for my code projects.
Hosting platforms like SourceHut and GitHub are useful for the services
they provide, and I'll continue to use them for code hosting, mailing
lists, etc., but I want to own the "home page" for all of my projects.

As part of this change, update the last updated blurb to be clear that
it indicates when the page was last updated, not the project itself.
Remove research project images

They both had white backgrounds that looked terrible in dark mode. They
weren't adding much anyway and went against my minimal-images style
throughout the rest of the site anyway.
Add Tech and the Character of Contemporary Life
Add update to ACM block story
Remove window borders from screenshot
Correctly label as swaybar status command
Add story of getting blocked by ACM
Remove unneeded sentence
c949638e — Jason Cox a month ago
Add swaybar-commander