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title: Last Child in the Woods
book_author: Richard Louv
book_complete_date: 2023-11-18
book_review: good
date: 2023-11-19

It took me a long time to read this book. In part, that's because it was a decently long book. It also wasn't exactly a riveting book -- more facts than stories -- so I took some breaks to read other things on the side. But there's tons of good information and inspiration in here for people (like me!) who want to see kids spend more time outdoors.


I particularly appreciated the field guide included at the end of the book. It has lots of ideas of things that you can do as a parent, community member, etc. to help kids get outside. An abbreviated version of the [list of activities for kids and families](https://richardlouv.com/books/last-child/resource-guide/) is even available on Louv's website.