A base Docker image for creating build sidecars for git-personal
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A base Docker image for creating build sidecars for git-personal. Also available as a pre-built image on Docker Hub.


Create a Dockerfile for an image based on jasonccox/git-personal-builder. At a minimum, the image should include a command, such as a custom script, to be run for each build. The command will be run as follows:

<command> <commit> <dir> [<tag> ...]
  • <commit>: The hash of the commit being built.
  • <dir>: The path to a directory containing the code to be built, i.e. a snapshot of the code at the commit.
  • <tag> ...: A list of tags associated with the commit in git.

For an example Dockerfile, check out the build/ directory of this repo, which specifies an image to build git-personal-builder.

Finally, run your container and configure git-personal to use it.


Contributions are welcome! You can send questions, bug reports, patches, etc. by email to ~jcc/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht. (Don't know how to contribute via email? Check out the interactive tutorial at git-send-email.io, or email me for help.)