Fix 'read -e' being able to backspace over prompt
Switch to using bash from sh

Since udisks2 is a piece of software dependent on systemd, systemd is
Linux-specific (i.e. not portable) and pretty much every Linux system in
which this script may be used ships with bash, it made sense to switch
from sh to bash so that I could make use of the -e option to read. This
allows one to use the arrow keys to navigate around their input which
would allow, for example, to go back and change a device number or
command without having to delete what you had already typed to get
Update version number
Minor update to help text
Improve help documentation
Add version number/command
Polish usrmnt

Fix known unhandled errors and odd spacing issues.
Add blank line in help message
Add hcurl script
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~jbauer/tools-and-utilities
Fix accidental removal of execute bit on scripts
Replace echo calls with multiline string for help
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~jbauer/tools-and-utilities
Change name of program in copyright blurb
Add new script backup-home
Rename mount-devices to usrmnt
Add warning about code quality to motd.sh

After some lengthy review over a cup of tea, I have decided to add a
warning to my motd.sh script as the code quality and basic design of the
script is... appalling to say the least.
Add license text to top of motd.sh
Add GPLv3 license
Add udisksctl wrapper script mount-devices
Add message-of-the-day shell script