Increment patch version number
Fix retrieve not outputting to stdout

I did a dumb and forgot to print the retrieved contacts to stdout when
using the 'retrieve' command.

The way it works now is perhaps also a little bit easier to understand,
and doesn't cause an unnecessary call to escape_entry() to be made.
Add contribution information to README
Update version to 0.2.0
Rearrange variables in source code

The flow of the source code is now:
1. Environment setting/checking
2. Variable definition
3. Functions
4. Main program logic

Which, I think, is easier to understand as a whole. It also moves the
big helptext block from in between the functions and main program logic
to before all of that which makes it easier to jump back and forth
between the two sections.
Add BRE character escaping to query results

Escaping basic regular expression characters ($, ., *, ^, [, /, \)
allows them to be used in contact names and emails. It ensures that sed
does not fail with an error because of trying to interpret these
characters as special commands.

It's now possible to name a contact "$.*[^/\" and include those
characters in email addresses without issue.
Rename project to kontaktdb
Add KONTAKT_DB environment variable

It is used to manually specify the location for kontakt's database.

The database file is now also called "kontaktdb" because this name is
clearer than "addresses" and it matches the name of the environment
Quote unquoted variables to prevent globbing/splitting
Add friendly, non-flag action syntax
Add compatibility section to README
Tweak installation instructions
Initial commit, working prototype