Ottawa, Canada


Computer science student with a strong interest in computer security, networking, and low-level stuff. Free, libre, open source software and open knowledge advocate. Proponent of simple, clean software and the UNIX philosophy.

Repos here are mirrored on https://git.paritybit.ca/jbauer/.


Markdown files, un-minified CSS files, essential public files, and build script for the paritybit.ca website.


Configuration for the software I use.


Fork of dwm with my customisations. (See 'custom' branch.)


Deploy a Debian system with my configurations.


Fork of st with my customisations. (See 'custom' branch.)


Store, retrieve, and edit basic contact information in plain text.


(LEGACY) Configuration files for the software I use.


Fork of slstatus with my customisations. (See 'custom' branch.)


Fork of dmenu with my customisations. (See 'custom' branch.)


My custom vim statusline (https://www.paritybit.ca/making-my-own-vim-statusline).


Backup your home directory to a GPG encrypted .tar.gz file.


A small utility to mount devices from the command line.


Various tools and utilities that I have created over time.