A minimal, accessible metaverse protocol with progressive level of detail
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Protoverse is a metaverse protocol. At a high level, protoverse is an
abstract virtual space. It is designed to be accessible and open to
everyone. It achieves this by describing the world abstractly like so:

    (room (shape rectangle)
          (condition "clean")
          (material "gold")
          (name "Satoshi's Den")
          (width 10) (depth 10) (height 100)
            (table (id welcome-desk)
                   (name "welcome desk")
                   (material "marble")
                   (condition "new")
                   (width 1) (depth 2) (height 1)
                   (light (name "desk")))

            (chair (id welcome-desk-chair)
                   (name "fancy"))

            (light (location ceiling)
                   (name "ceiling")
                   (state off)
                   (shape circle))))

Since this is an abstract description, we can "render" it in many
different ways. For example, with natural language:

  $ ./protoverse parse example.space

  There is a(n) clean rectangular room made of gold named Satoshi's
  Den. It contains three objects: a welcome desk table, fancy chair
  and ceiling light.

This is important for accessibility. If we want the metaverse to be
open to everyone, we need some way to describe what is going on in
this abstract space without a visual rendering.