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Fix development setup instructions in docs
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<p>Install the package in development mode, from the root of the source directory:</p>

<pre><code><span class="gp">$ </span>pip install flit
<span class="gp">$ </span>flit install -s</code></pre>
<p>In order to run project-related tasks defined in <code>tasks.py</code>,
  its immediate dependencies must first be installed:</p>

<p>Project-related tasks defined in <code>tasks.py</code>
  can now be run via <code class="cmd">yatte</code> itself:</p>
<pre><code><span class="gp">$ </span>pip install . chevron==0.14</code></pre>

<p>The package can now be installed in development mode
  via <code class="cmd">yatte</code> itself:</p>

<pre><code><span class="gp">$ </span>yatte setup</code></pre>

<p>Other project-related tasks can then be listed and run:</p>

<pre><code><span class="gp">$ </span>yatte
<span class="gp">$ </span>yatte setup
<span class="gp">$ </span>yatte fmt  <span class="c1"># etc.</span></code></pre>

<p>To add a pre-commit hook to check the code when committing,

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yatte check</code></pre>

  The <code>wiki</code> task has the following non-Python dependencies:</p>
  The <code>wiki</code> task has the following non-Python dependencies,
  which must be installed separately:</p>

  <li><a href="https://pandoc.org">pandoc</a></li>

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<article><h1>Yatte: a simple task runner</h1>

<h1>Yatte: a simple task runner</h1>

<p><a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Make_(software)">Make</a> and Bash are useful tools
but the syntax can be tricky,

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<p>The package can be installed from the source code repository using <code class="cmd">pip</code>:</p>

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<article><h1>User manual</h1>

<h1>User manual</h1>

<p>This is the manual page for the <code class="cmd">yatte</code> command-line interface (CLI).</p>

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<p>This example demonstrates how to write a task file and run it with <code class="cmd">yatte</code>.</p>