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Update links for issues/PRs in Contributing docs
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@@ 5,15 5,19 @@ Reporting issues

If you find a bug or have an idea for improving this package,
please describe it in a ticket on the issue tracker.
please describe it in a message to the mailing list: |mailinglist|.

.. |mailinglist| replace:: `~javiljoen/lttb-devel@lists.sr.ht <mailto:~javiljoen/lttb-devel@lists.sr.ht>`_

Submitting patches

Patches are welcome.
Feel free to send them by email using ``git send-email``,
Feel free to send them to |mailinglist| using ``git send-email``,
or you can send me a link to your repo if it is publically accessible.
If you prefer the pull request workflow,
you can also send me a PR at https://codeberg.org/javiljoen/lttb-numpy.

Please ensure that the tests and linting checks listed in the ``Makefile`` all pass,
and that any new features are covered by tests.