Generate a catalogue from a Calibre ebook library
Update python dev tools config
Fix setup.py to work on recent setuptools
Simplify shell quoting in tasks file


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Generate a catalogue in OPDS or HTML format from a Calibre ebook library.

calibrogue is a command-line alternative to the graphical Java program Calibre2OPDS.


Place your CSS, JavaScript, and ebook covers in the catalogue directory.

Then activate a Python virtualenv and run:

pip install .
python3 -m calibrogue path/to/library > catalogue/index.html

The entire catalogue folder can then be pushed to your web server.

By default, templates/catalogue.html is used as the template for the catalogue, and the links to ebook files in the catalogue will point to the same host as the catalogue itself. The template and the root URL for the links can be changed by setting these environment variables:

export CALIBROGUE_REMOTE_BASE=https://library.example.com/ebooks
export CALIBROGUE_TEMPLATE=templates/plain.txt

python3 -m calibrogue path/to/library > catalogue/index.txt
grep "library.example.com" catalogue/index.txt

The included tasks.py can be used to generate the catalogue and also to produce thumbnails of the ebook covers in the correct directory structure. Run it like this (requires yatte ≥ 0.9 and GraphicsMagick):

yatte catalogue
yatte thumbnails