a36ba4178254589f3ecc982329b379df1e87d44c — Jasper den Ouden 2 years ago cbe0e3c
Simplify inserting by just making a new generator.(might not be super efficient..)
1 files changed, 15 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

M type_stack_calc/tp_calc.py
M type_stack_calc/tp_calc.py => type_stack_calc/tp_calc.py +15 -10
@@ 25,14 25,20 @@ def interpret_num_word(word):
        return float(word)
    assert word not in "0123456789"

def const_num(x): return TpIntersection(TpRange(x, x),)

def interpret_word(word):
    """Interprets constant values."""
    x = interpret_num_word(word)
    if x is not None:
        return TpIntersection(TpRange(x, x),)
        return const_num(x)
    elif word[0] == '"':  # Constant string.
        return ConstStr(word[1:])

def concat_gen(*gen):
    for el in gen:
        yield from el

class StackCalc:
    """Calculates types, heart of the implementation, basically."""

@@ 79,6 85,8 @@ class StackCalc:
            # Actually calculate the type, return new stack and result.
            stack, *tc_code = tp_fun(self, vs, inp)
            assert isinstance(stack, list), (val)
            stack = [(const_num(v) if isinstance(v, (float, int)) else v)
                     for v in stack]
            assert_acceptable_vals(tc_code, ".tp_calc output.")

            assert_acceptable_vals(stack, inp, rest, code, var)

@@ 98,15 106,12 @@ class StackCalc:

    def tp_calc(self, code, vs, stack):
        """Calculates types and also collects the calls again, with their types, some origins."""
        code, inserted = iter(code), []
        code = iter(code)
        while True:
            if len(inserted) > 0:  # Next word from inserts.
                word, inserted = inserted[0], inserted[1:]
            else:  # Next word from given code.
                word = next(code, None)
                if word is None:
                    yield stack
            word = next(code, None)  # Next word, if ran out lastly stack.
            if word is None:
                yield stack

            val = interpret_word(word)
            if val is not None:  # It is a constant value.

@@ 129,7 134,7 @@ class StackCalc:
            if raw_fun := getattr(got.val, 'raw_tp_calc', None):
                assert getattr(got.val, 'tp_calc', None) is None, "BUG: cannot have both `raw_tp_calc` and `tp_calc`."
                plus, stack, *tc_code = raw_fun(self, code, vs, stack)
                inserted = plus + inserted  # Can add-in some code.
                code = concat_gen(plus, code)  # Can prepend some code.
                stack, *tc_code = self.deal_with_var(got, code, vs, stack)
            yield from tc_code