Stack language that calculates with the types & compiles
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Partial fix intersection test. Float needs work
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Minor, comments, add lib directory
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Unioning with "no opposing side" cases keeping the element.


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#WIP stack programming language

It's quite fancy, and relatively low (~4100, make wc for current)LOC & no dependencies. It (initially) aims at producing C code.

It has a stack programming language but ideally want to convert a subset of Python to it.

It works by "just" calculating the types. See there is a blogpost on it and a very WIP text doc/how_it_works.md. (also WIP doc/files.md which tells you what the different files do.)

It is still in a state of work in progress. There is still a bunch todo.


script/show.sh shows a run. make continuous runs this continuously, while looking if source files change. I.e. if you save a change, it immediately reloads.


Doesn't really exist yet.. script/show.sh changes PYTHONPATH a bit of load the type_stack_calc/ directory, if you run it from the right directory.

Otherwise, you can symlink the type_stack_calc/ directory from somewhere in PYTHONPATH. For instance ~/.local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/.


Affero GNU General Public License, see doc/agpl-3.0.txt.