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  (both things the user has to script)
* Simple sequence knocking, (`seq('simple')`)
* Simple choosing different options. (`seq('split')`)
* `doc/knocker.html` has a javascript knocker in it. (multiple ways of doing it)
  It does not have sha256 knocking yet.

### Install

* Need a damn issues mailing list. (or something)
* A `knockoff-git` `PKGBUILD` file.

### Tests

* Some basic arguments stuff.
* Simple and simple-choosing knock sequences in lua.
* Same, but in shellscripts using `knockoff simulate` for simple
* Same, but in shellscripts using `knockoff simulate setup $PORTS`
  where `knockoff ports setup` produces the correct ports.

* All the tests using bubblewrap, using local install in "alternate" home
  directory. (`make test_bwrap_local`)