(not) stylish new tab page
d83cdb10 — japanoise 2 years ago
Fill the weather widget to the grid
d556de65 — japanoise 2 years ago
Centre that clock!
f222ef65 — japanoise 2 years ago
Image + Spanishdict search


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


get yourself an epic trendy new tab page, except it's not trendy at all. it's hideous. but it's functional, so that's very cool.

tweak to your heart's content. I'll likely add more content, so check back if you like it.


  • the cutest anime girl ever (izumi konata) thinks your newtab page is cool
  • weather for nashville and london, the only two cities in the world (easy to change if you're not as cool as i am)
  • search duckduckgo and maybe others if i get round to adding them
  • navigate to your feedbag in a single graceful click
  • my wiki and h0p3's wiki, both very cool
  • some churny websites for boredom


  1. get a web server running. you can do this in the same way as you do for feedbag.
  2. find where your new server serves this page in; probably the place you cloned this repository in.
  3. set it to your newtab homepage using the extension
  4. enjoy being as mad as i am


MIT license, see LICENSE.