raw bash bulletin board
Fix settings.txt created by setup.sh
Include image directory creation/deletion
Correct 'title of first thread' field in setup


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Dumb-ass forum for fools. Raw bash (some plain unix shell too).

#The usual lecture

Don't run CGI scripts you don't understand. Make sure to configure your webserver properly. By downloading this project, you agree to waive all warranty rights, including implied warranties (see LICENSE)


  • Usual shell utilities; tr, awk, sed, etc.
  • htpasswd command (apache2-utils on Ubuntu)
  • CGI-capable and properly configured webserver - see below for nginx config.

#Install - nginx

This guide assumes you're installing to /var/www/forum. You can fix it if you're not, I'm not a cop.

  1. Get fcgi working through hook or crook. Arch Wiki has a decent guide.
  2. Add the below shit to the sites-available files
  3. Reload your config
  4. Add admin user - htpasswd /var/www/forum/.htpasswd admin
  5. Navigate to /cgi/setup.sh in a browser
location /.htpasswd {
	deny all;

location /lib {
	deny all;

location ~* \.(md|txt)$ {
	deny all;

location /cgi/ {
	include /etc/nginx/fastcgi_params;
	fastcgi_pass unix:/run/fcgiwrap.socket;

location / {
	charset UTF-8;
	auth_basic ":^)";
	auth_basic_user_file /var/www/forum/.htpasswd;