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A collection of tools for photoprintit software


cargo install photoprintit-tools



Outputs a list of resources necessary to install the given software.

    photoprintit-tools prepare [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] --client-id <client_id> --hps-version <hps_version> --keyaccid <keyaccid> --locale <locale> --platform <platform>

    -a, --all        Imply platform `a` (any), include complete set of resources for install
        --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -c, --client-id <client_id>          Client ID
    -d, --download-server <dl_server>    Downlaod server [default: https://dls.photoprintit.com]
    -h, --hps-version <hps_version>      HPS version
    -k, --keyaccid <keyaccid>            KEYACCID
    -l, --locale <locale>                (full) Locale
    -p, --platform <platform>            Platform (a, l, l64, m, w, w64)


MIT licensed, see LICENSE