Avoid touching undo stack on first load
Silly old function
Less dumb load
Dont panic if the client binary exits before the window
Use exe name for daemon socket path
Don't move viewport when un/redoing a replace (esp zig fmt)
Force scroll on A-i/k

Sometimes I hit A-k but the cursor is already at the bottom so nothing
moves and then I'm sad.
Potential fix for bug where mouse sometimes selected wrong line

The math for positioning lines looked suspect. Suspect that between
visible_start_line rounding down and the 1 pixel adjustment to
top_pixel there was potential to render lines in the wrong location.
Fix bug where widening an editor with center pos past the end of text
would cause the text to scroll out of view
Be careful not to recreate deleted files.
Daemonize properly.
Close daemon socket on fork to avoid zombies
Make cli wait until opened window is closed, so focus works as EDITOR