My personal website, built with Next.js.
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#JamesG Blog

This repository contains the code for my new personal website, built using Next.js and React. The live website is available at jamesg.app.

This repository uses the following technologies:

  • Grommet. Grommet is a UX framework with dozens of reusable UI components that you can use out-of-the-box.
  • NextJS. NextJS is a React framework used to create production-grade, scalable React web applications.
  • Now. Zeit Now is a tool used to deploy applications efficiently using a serverless architecture.

#Getting started

To get started with this project, follow the instructions below.

  1. Clone repository

git clone https://github.com/jamesgallagher432/jamesg-website

  1. Install packages

npm run setup

  1. Build development server

npm run build

  1. Build site schema

node createSchema.js

  1. Run the development server

npm run dev

The application will be served at: http://localhost:3000


This project uses plop to generate blog post and research files.

To run the generators associated with this project, run:

npm run generate

The two generator options you will be presented with are: blog post or research post. After selecting an option, you will be prompted to insert the values to be included in the type of post you are creating.

#Site schema

Before you run this project, you should build the site schema using node createSchema.js. This script is used to create a JSON schema which will be served by the NextJS server and read by the client to retrieve a list of blog posts and research posts.

This project is based on the Grommet create-next-app example.