The latest iteration of my blog. Built using Jekyll, HTML, and CSS.
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#JamesG Blog

This repository contains the front-end code for my personal website hosted at jamesg.app.

The previous version of my website can be found at jamesgoca/jamesg-website.


The first step to setting up this repository is cloning a local copy:

git clone https://github.com/jamesgoca/jamesg-blog

Once you have a local copy, install the required gems for this project using bundle:

bundle install

Finally, you can serve this blog using Jekyll:

jekyll serve

This application is accessible at localhost:4000.

You can build a static copy of this blog using Jekyll:

jekyll build

The static version of the website will be available in the _site/ folder.


This project uses HTML, CSS, and Jekyll. I am using Jekyll to make it easier for me to upload blog posts. I have a problem where I write a blog post and do not add it to my blog because I don't want to copy in the HTML into a new file.


This project uses an MIT licence. Read more about this project's licence in LICENSE.md.


A screenshot of my site


This project is licensed using an MIT license. See more information in LICENSE.md.


  • James Gallagher