Technical Content Manager at Career Karma.


A tool to automatically upload my projects to sourcehut.


My code for the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT.


A Jekyll theme with little cruft or bloat. Based on my personal blog.


A script to retrieve the Cool Jargon of the Day and display on my console.


A tool to calculate the size of my website.


A repository of all my projects that I'm not actively working on that may come in handy later.


A guessing game to test your knowledge of Neocities 88x31s.


My personal website, built with Next.js.


JamesG IPO - Built with React and Apollo


Command Line Interface for the JamesG Trading Platform - Built with JS and Oclif


JamesG Trading - Built with GraphQL and Ruby on Rails


An application to share my step count live on my website. Built using React and NextJS.


James Online Directory. Built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


The latest iteration of my blog. Built using Jekyll, HTML, and CSS.


Code for my personal web archive.

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