A small static website generator.
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Tiffy is a simple minimalist static website generator that creates the flow of information on the river. Tiffy uses a single html layout file and a single css file to create pages filled with content from the Lizard files you create.


  • -n - New project. Tries to create the nessesary files for a new project.
  • -v - Prints the version number.

#Tiffy projects

A Tiffy project can be created in any directory and has a simple file structure.

  • content/
  • content/tiffy_loyout.html
  • content/tiffy_layout.css
  • content/index.liz
  • media/
  • .tiffy_build
  • .dir_file

An example project can be seen by looking jameschip.io on github

#The content directory.

The content directory is where all of your .liz files live. It also holds the tiffy_layout.html and tiffy_layout.css files. When you build your website each .liz file in the content directory will be converted into a .html file in the project's root folder, for example; index.liz will be converted into index.html in the root directory.

#The tiffy_layout.html and tiffy_layout.css files.

The tiffy_layout.html file is the basic layout for every page of your website. It is a regular html file in every way except that it includes a single special {{content}} tag. When you build your pages the {{content}} tag will be replaced with the content generated from a .liz file. The tiffy_layout.css file is included in the header of tiffy_layout.html and will be copied into the projects root folder when you build your project.

#The index.liz file.

This is a single content file. When you build your project, an html file with the same name will be created in the project's root folder.

#The .dir_file file

This file contains a list of files relative to /content that you have your websites files in. The top line should be / and everything under that should be /dir_name. One directory per line. This is to allow you to split your content into sensible folders in your project such as /games /software and so on. The output files will still be in the root of the project, not in sub folders, this is just for convenience of editing. Example from jameschip.io

#The .tiffy_build file

After a tiffy build this file will have the relative path of all of the output files in it. It's basically a log file, leave this alone to be on the safe side.

#The media folder.

This is where you should put all of the images and other media that you need for your pages.

#Building the project.

To build your website, navigate to the root of your project and run:


The project's root directory will be populated with html files.