A small markup language created for use with tiffy.
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Lizard lives on the river and feeds the Tiffy.

Lizard is a small markup syntax designed to quickly and cleanly create web content. Lizard tags can not be nested and all share a common format to make it easy to read and write. All tags start and end with double curly braces. There is a small parser written in c++17 that takes lizard syntax in and gives its html equivalent as an output. Lizard syntax files should have the extension .liz.


{{ h1 title text }} ... {{ h6 title text }}

{{ li web_address link text }}


{{ im image_location image rollover text }}

#Text style

{{ br }} just replaced with a liine break.

{{ bo bold text }}

{{ it italic text }}

{{ ul underlined text }}

{{ bq this stuff is in a blockquote }}

{{ cb this is text in a code block }}


this is text before the list. {{ bp bullet point text 1 }} {{ bp next list item }} {{ bp next list item}} this is tex after the list.

#Skipping tags.

It is possible to escape Lizard tags so that you can have them displayed in the content.

\{{ bo this tag will be skipped and be displayed in the content with the leading \ removed }}