An attempt at reimplementing Ken Silverman's Build engine, with the goal of being modular enough to host a modern Blood source port.
9021cc7d — Jakob L. Kreuze 4 years ago
First input system exposing an interface that definitely isn't going to be used in the final version
68b5ce87 — Jakob L. Kreuze 4 years ago
Fonts are now stored in BitmapManager, and can be accessed with 'get_font'
8a28b09a — Jakob L. Kreuze 4 years ago
refactor: Moved 'load_font' into 'bitmap.rs'


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Rebuild is an attempt at reimplementing Ken Silverman's Build engine, with the goal of being modular enough to host modern source ports of any Build engine game. The motivation comes from the fact that BloodGDX, the current recommended source port for Blood, is nonfree and written in Java. Additionally, other source ports such as EDuke32 are built upon Ken Silverman's codebase, which is full of DOS-era optimizations like self-modifying code and a generous amount of globally-shared state. They're also subject to the restrictions of the BUILD license.

Also, it's come to my attention that "Rebuild" also happens to be the name of the toolkit included in Transfusion for working with the BUILD file formats. This is an unrelated project, and I apologize for any confusion caused by my lack of foresight.


  • To the 3D Realms teams for releasing the source code for Duke Nukem 3D.
  • To Fabien Sanglard for his detailed analysis of the Duke Nukem 3D codebase, and his work on Chocolate Duke3D.
  • To Richard Gobeille et al. for their work on EDuke32.
  • To Mathieu Olivier et al. for their work on Transfusion - specifically their open-source parsing code for the BUILD file formats.


  • [ ] Nonredistributable GRP creation as part of the build system.
    • This should be like 'qzdoom.pk3', and contain blobs extracted from the source tree.
  • [ ] Implement support for GRP archives.
    • [x] GRP parser.
    • [x] Caching system.
    • [ ] Support for 'grpinfo' files and GRP dependency chains.
    • [ ] Support for the 'autoload' directory.
    • [ ] Support for game mods.
    • [ ] Internal support for official add-ons.
    • [ ] Support for CRC32 identification.
    • [ ] Resolution of group files based on the current game.
    • [ ] Proper path resolution.
      • This means removing certain paths when the necessary groups are loaded.
    • [ ] Tests.
  • [ ] Implement support for Build's MAPs.
    • [x] MAP parser.
    • [ ] Tests.
  • [ ] Implement a timer system.
    • Needs to expose some sort of 'totalclock'.
  • [ ] Implement support for ART bitmaps.
    • [x] PALETTE.DAT parser.
    • [x] ART parser.
    • [x] Efficient ART-to-bitmap conversion.
    • [ ] Advanced ART features such as translucency and shading.
    • [ ] Tests.
  • [ ] Implement support for the CON language.
    • [ ] Write a compiler.
    • [ ] Implement the virtual machine.
    • [ ] Implement a debugger.
  • [ ] Implement support for DEF files.
  • [ ] Implement support for MACT scripts. (Apparently quite similar to INI)
  • [ ] Implement support for RTS.
    • Appears to be a Doom iwad, though I'm not sure what its purpose is.
  • [ ] Implement graphical output.
    • [ ] Implement a renderer using glium.
    • [ ] Implement something equivalent to the "classic" software renderer.
  • [ ] Implement the OSD shell.
    • [ ] Gamevars and cvars.
    • [ ] Loading of 'autoexec.cfg', 'settings.cfg'.
  • [ ] Implement the CONTROL input system.
    • EDuke32's controls feel very fluid for me, so I'll steal the calculations and make the API less archaic.
  • [ ] A welcoming main menu.
  • [ ] Support for save files.
  • [ ] Support for ANM cinematics.
  • [ ] Multiplayer networking!
    • Doesn't necessarily have to be compatible with ENet, but that would be a plus.