v0.2 2 years ago

ox-haunt 0.2

This is long overdue. A new stable release for `ox-haunt'!

This release brings some awesome new features that I wasn't personally
responsible for; you can thank bendersteed[1] for sending in a patch.
Here's the changelog from that commit:

- When using the subtree only flag in org-export, export the current
  subtree after checking if it or any of it's parents have the
  "EXPORT_FILE_NAME" property and that it is marked as DONE. Then parse
  title from heading, date from CLOSED or SCHEDULED state and tags from
  org-mode tags.
- Add "A" binding in org-export UI to try and export all valid subtrees
  in current buffer.
- Expose HAUNT_IMAGES_DIR as variable that handles where link images are
  to be saved.

As always, cheers, and don't hesitate to shoot me an email if you run
into any issues.

[1]: https://bendersteed.tech/