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dired-rmjunk v1.2

  - Implement traversal of subdirectories found in
    `dired-rmjunk-patterns'. If any of the directory components of any
    of the patterns in `dired-rmjunk-patterns' exist in the current
    working directory, they will be optionally traversed. For example:
    if `dired-rmjunk' is invoked from the user's home directory, and
    ".local/share/recently-used.xbel" is a member of
    `dired-rmjunk-patterns', subdirectory traversal would open a new
    dired buffer at "~/.local/share/" and mark junk files for deletion.
    Invoking `dired-do-flagged-delete' will cause the next candidate
    subdirectory to be traversed. Subdirectories containing no junk
    files are skipped.

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dired-rmjunk v1.1

  - Implement file scoping behavior (documented in #'dired-rmjunk)

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dired-rmjunk v1.0

This is the first stable release of dired-rmjunk, and is intentionally
devoid of features.


92af5fcc — Jakob L. Kreuze 4 years ago