fbd434c166fe65fdc52e44a6cd14f22d2cff7b51 — Jakob L. Kreuze 4 years ago 0dc4d89
Implement traversal of pattern subdirectories
1 files changed, 39 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

M dired-rmjunk.el
M dired-rmjunk.el => dired-rmjunk.el +39 -3
@@ 51,6 51,13 @@
  "Default list of files to remove. Current as of f707d92."
  :type '(list string))

(defvar dired-rmjunk--responsible-for-last-mark nil
  "Whether or not `dired-rmjunk' was responsible for any of the
current dired marks.")

(defvar dired-rmjunk--visit-queue nil
  "Queue of directories to visit following a removal.")

(defun dired-rmjunk ()
  "Mark all junk files in the current dired buffer.

@@ 80,9 87,38 @@ under the following conditions:
              (setq files-marked-count (1+ files-marked-count))
              (dired-goto-file (concat (expand-file-name dired-directory) file))
              (dired-flag-file-deletion 1))))
        (message (if (zerop files-marked-count)
                     "No junk files found :)"
                   "Junk files marked."))))))
        (if (zerop files-marked-count)
            (message "No junk files found :)")
            (message "Junk files marked.")
            (setq dired-rmjunk--responsible-for-last-mark t)))

(advice-add #'dired-do-flagged-delete :after #'dired-rmjunk--after-delete)

(defun dired-rmjunk--after-delete ()
  ;; Prompt the user for whether or not they want to visit the subdirectories
  ;; named in dired-rmjunk-patterns.
  (when (and (not dired-rmjunk--visit-queue)
    (let* ((to-visit (map 'list
                          #'(lambda (subdir) (concat (dired-current-directory) "/" subdir))
           (to-visit (cl-remove-if-not #'file-exists-p to-visit)))
      (when (and to-visit
                 (y-or-n-p "Visit subdirectories?"))
        (setq dired-rmjunk--visit-queue to-visit))))

  ;; Visit the next subdirectory in the queue.
  (when dired-rmjunk--visit-queue
    (while (and dired-rmjunk--visit-queue
                (set-buffer (dired (first dired-rmjunk--visit-queue)))
                (message "Visiting %s..." (first dired-rmjunk--visit-queue))
                (zerop (dired-rmjunk)))
      (setq dired-rmjunk--visit-queue
            (rest dired-rmjunk--visit-queue))))

  (setq dired-rmjunk--responsible-for-last-mark nil))

(defun dired-rmjunk--dir-name (path)
  "Return the directory portion of PATH, or `nil' if the path