v0.1.0 3 years ago

brisket 0.1.0 'Kansas City-style'

Well, this is the first release of brisket. As of right now, the client
has a horrible interface that I'm planning to replace completely. I
don't expect anyone to find it usable.

There are a few milestones which, upon reaching them, will mark a 0.2.0
release. This is assuming that I don't totally abandon this for Gnus,
however. In general, I'll be taking note of which parts of the current
interface are wholly intolerable as I use this for daily USENET'ting.

For 0.2.0:

- Overhaul of the interface.
  - Move towards proper terminology (i.e. "article" as opposed to
- Proper reply handling.
- Fields for "posting address" and "posting name" in the configuration
- Authorization mechanism that isn't Gnus Authinfo.
- Documentation.