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@@ 5,6 5,8 @@ posting to NNTP servers. It's dead simple and lacks any sort of fancy TUI,
opting instead for an interface inspired by the Unix philosophy: posts are read
from stdin, and are written either to stdout or to text files in a directory.

You _probably_ don't want to use it in its current state.

## Installation

`brisket` is self-contained and depends only on Hy core and the Python standard

@@ 81,6 83,18 @@ $ brisket describe-group junk
Unfiled articles (no posting).

### Reading

Posts can be fetched with the `fetch-posts` command. Without any additional
arguments, this will fetch *every* post on the server, which probably isn't what
you want. You can specify a specific group and article ID to fetch.
Additionally, if "-" is in the argument list, the article will be printed to

### Posting

Posts can be posted with the `post-article` command.

## Why the name?

I couldn't come up with a better name, and there's little in the world that