Proof of concept for creating an Android app with and David Boddie's DUCK.


Haunt configuration and Org mode sources for http://jakob.space


My (somewhat documented) configuration for GNU Emacs.


Haunt-flavored HTML backend for the Org export engine


Primitive newsreader script for interacting with NNTP servers.


Buffer grouping for EXWM workspaces.


A port of Jakub Klinkovsk√Ĺ's rmshit.py to Dired.


My personal Gentoo ebuild overlay.


My entry for the 2018 Autumn Lisp Game Jam; a game about covering everything in slime.


An attempt at reimplementing Ken Silverman's Build engine, with the goal of being modular enough to host a modern Blood source port.


A simple wrapper around the WildMIDI software synthesizer library.


Experimental FluidSynth MIDI driver for EDuke32.


Proof-of-concept exploit of the ACS interpreter in several Doom source ports.


Proof-of-concept shared object injector that will eventually be integrated with PINCE.


Tool for extracting game data from Nekopara's XP3 archives.

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