README: Add information on contributing
long-exposure-art.coffee: `canvas` is declared twice
Remove dependency on `canvas-sketch`

This simplifies the project further (the only dependency is CoffeeScript) which makes the project easier to understand and run in the future.
Rename example image
Escape spaces in README
Add image and update README
Remove canvas-sketch-util/random
Adjust gradient
Add a gradient to make the star trails fade out a little.
Use a better algorithm for drawing star trails

Instead of getting the hypotenuse of (0,0) and a random (x,y), simply generate random distances. This way we wouldn't have to compute two random numbers (just the distance instead of x and y) and we also don't have to compute the hypotenuse.
Move completely to TinyCanvas
Create TinyCanvas library

I'd like to make the code more readable and succinct, so I created a class called TinyCanvas to handle the dirty work for me.
Add lots of comments.
Renamed from timelapse-art to long-exposure-art

It's not actually the time-lapse effect that I'm trying to do, but the long-exposure effect.
Timelapse effect is now working!
Add .prettierrc
Initial commit.