My overengineered blog.
a3c660ca — Jae Lo Presti (DN0) 5 days ago
META: update package for CVE
76fedf1d — Jae Lo Presti (DN0) 16 days ago
utils/markdownUtils: avoid mutation on pathToParse split and pop
7898afcc — Jae Lo Presti (DN0) 16 days ago
utils/markdownUtil: move shortcodes to own functions


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My overengineered blog/website engine.

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#Current Roadmap

#v0 Roadmap

  • [x] Basic page render to markdown
  • [x] vhost-based whitelist system (allows multiple domains to be used for app, unlike gohugo)
  • [x] Templating
  • [x] Menus configurable via YAML markdown header
  • [x] Blog permalinks (format URI like /blog/{year}/{month}/{day}/{title} from YAML header)
  • [ ] Compression (GZIP; BROTLI) better to handle at the RP level
  • [x] Shortcodes
  • [x] Markdown file location to web path (content/blog/2022/test.md goes to /blog/2022/test)
  • [x] RSS feed
  • [x] JSON feed
  • [x] Dynamic IP loading (can detect kind of IP used and display message to IPv4 users)
  • [X] Docker / Baremetal deployment
  • [x] Dynamic content loading (content loaded from distant repo; reloads all clients and displays when pulled)


The software is provided under the MIT License.