Revert some BMS stuff, use a different register for attach stuff
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#MNT Reform but with usb-pd and a cool keyboard

This is my fork of the mnt reform!

It uses usb-pd for power instead of a barrel jack, and has an unsplit lily58 keyboard layout.

This is absolutely not ready for anyone else to use, but I figure people might be curious enough to want to poke about?


  • actually build everything and verify that it works
  • write the configuration + flasher for the STUSB4500
  • add layers to the keyboard firmware + adapt it to my layout
  • clean up all the kicad libraries; i didn't work out how kicad deals with libraries until halfway through
  • probably take off all my cute gay graphics? i assume most people are Serious Computer Users and do not want such things
  • (stretch) modify the system controller firmware to negotiate the best profile at runtime, rather than relying on the flashed config
  • (stretchier) include the usb-pd profile on the system oled!
  • (stretchiest) write the kernel driver that's presumably meant to exist for getting power info from the LPC to the SOM