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Finally, s plays nicely with dvorak
3 files changed, 21 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)

M config.el
M init.el
M packages.el
M config.el => config.el +17 -14
@@ 36,18 36,21 @@
;; This determines the style of line numbers in effect. If set to `nil', line
;; numbers are disabled. For relative line numbers, set this to `relative'.
(setq display-line-numbers-type nil)
;; (define-key evil-snipe-mode-map "s" nil)
;; (define-key evil-snipe-local-mode-map "s" nil)
;; (define-key evil-snipe-override-local-mode-map "n" nil)
(evil-define-key 'motion evil-snipe-mode-map "s" nil)
(evil-define-key 'visual evil-snipe-mode-map "s" nil)
(evil-define-key 'normal evil-snipe-mode-map "s" nil)
(evil-define-key 'motion evil-snipe-override-mode-map "t" nil)
(define-key evil-normal-state-map "s" 'evil-forward-char)
(define-key evil-visual-state-map "s" 'evil-forward-char)
(define-key evil-motion-state-map "h" 'evil-backward-char)
(define-key evil-motion-state-map "t" 'evil-next-line)
(define-key evil-motion-state-map "n" 'evil-previous-line)
(undefine-key! evil-snipe-local-mode-map "s" nil)
(undefine-key! evil-snipe-local-mode-map "n" nil)
(undefine-key! evil-snipe-local-mode-map "t" nil)

(undefine-key! evil-visual-state-map "s")
(undefine-key! evil-normal-state-map "s")
(define-key! evil-motion-state-map "s" 'evil-forward-char)
(define-key! evil-motion-state-map "s" 'evil-forward-char)
(define-key! evil-motion-state-map "h" 'evil-backward-char)
(define-key! evil-motion-state-map "t" 'evil-next-line)
(define-key! evil-motion-state-map "n" 'evil-previous-line)
;; (evil-define-key 'visual evil-surround-mode-map "s" 'evil-forward-char)
;; (evil-define-key evil-magit-state magit-mode-map "s" 'evil-forward-char)
;; (evil-define-key evil-magit-state magit-mode-map "h" 'evil-backward-char)

@@ 79,17 82,17 @@
;; behavior by just opting one in if it's not already there.
;; (push 'haskell-mode ahs-modes) e.g. if you want Haskell

(use-package lsp-haskell
 :ensure t
 (setq lsp-haskell-process-path-hie "/Users/jackoe/.ghcup/bin//haskell-language-server-wrapper")
;; (use-package lsp-haskell
;;  :ensure t
;;  :config
;;  (setq lsp-haskell-process-path-hie "~/.ghcup/bin//haskell-language-server-wrapper")
;;  (setq lsp-file-watch-ignored '("dist-newstyle" "[/\\\\]\\.git$" "[/\\\\]\\.hg$" "[/\\\\]\\.bzr$" "[/\\\\]_darcs$" "[/\\\\]\\.svn$"
;;  "[/\\\\]_FOSSIL_$" "[/\\\\]\\.idea$" "[/\\\\]\\.ensime_cache$" "[/\\\\]\\.eunit$" "[/\\\\]node_modules$" "[/\\\\]\\.fslckout$" "[/\\\\]\\.tox$"
;;  "[/\\\\]\\.stack-work$" "[/\\\\]\\.bloop$" "[/\\\\]\\.metals$" "[/\\\\]target$" "[/\\\\]\\.ccls-cache$" "[/\\\\]\\.deps$" "[/\\\\]build-aux$"
;; "[/\\\\]autom4te.cache$" "[/\\\\]\\.reference$"))
;; Comment/uncomment this line to see interactions between lsp client/server.
 ;;(setq lsp-log-io t)
;; )
;; Here are some additional functions/macros that could help you configure Doom:
;; - `load!' for loading external *.el files relative to this one

M init.el => init.el +2 -2
@@ 91,7 91,7 @@
       (eval +overlay)     ; run code, run (also, repls)
       ;;gist              ; interacting with github gists
       lookup              ; navigate your code and its documentation
       (lsp +peek)
       macos             ; MacOS-specific commands
       (magit +forge)             ; a git porcelain for Emacs
       ;;make              ; run make tasks from Emacs

@@ 126,7 126,7 @@
       ;;(go +lsp)         ; the hipster dialect
       (haskell +lsp)  ; a language that's lazier than I am
       hy                ; readability of scheme w/ speed of python
       idris             ;
       ;; idris             ;
       json              ; At least it ain't XML
       (java +lsp) ; the poster child for carpal tunnel syndrome
       javascript        ; all(hope(abandon(ye(who(enter(here))))))

M packages.el => packages.el +2 -1
@@ 8,7 8,7 @@

;; To install SOME-PACKAGE from MELPA, ELPA or emacsmirror:
;(package! some-package)

(package! atomic-chrome)
;; To install a package directly from a remote git repo, you must specify a
;; `:recipe'. You'll find documentation on what `:recipe' accepts here:
;; https://github.com/raxod502/straight.el#the-recipe-format

@@ 25,6 25,7 @@
;; If you'd like to disable a package included with Doom, you can do so here
;; with the `:disable' property:
;(package! builtin-package :disable t)
(package! evil-snipe :disable t)

;; You can override the recipe of a built in package without having to specify
;; all the properties for `:recipe'. These will inherit the rest of its recipe