unmaintained notice
fix color of character count in alt text popup
update version
separate different css rules onto new lines
fix colors for upload progress
fix placeholder colors being too dark
fix compose box warning box colors
bump version to 1.1.2

- fix links in the reply indicator having bad contrast
- fix blockquotes in reply indicator having bad contrast

- posts that are being replied to is now dark as well
- also the warnings while composing are dark as well (e.g. DMs being not
  end-to-end encrypted, hashtags in a non-public post)
- make disabled poll removal button not highlight on hover (consistent
  with mastodon)
- fix white background when macOS bounces the scrolling in the compose
  box. (yes, this is a very specific issue)

- slightly dim the buttons and better match the overall color scheme of
- decouple placeholder text color from buttons (although technically the
  colors are still the same for color scheme consistency)

- brighter buttons and character count (yes it feels a little too
- made the colors consistent with vanilla/glitch-soc behaviors (hovering
  and stuff)
1.0.0 initial css
add readme and license