Mastodon compose box, but dark themed
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Mastodon compose box dark theme

Makes the compose box in (glitch-soc) Mastodon dark themed with a bunch of CSS styling.

NOTE: Upstream Mastodon has redesigned the compose box (ref redesign). This CSS thing is probably not going to work anymore, and will be declared unmaintained.

This is not Mastodon official (or affiliated), but this does kind of try to be similar to the light theme compose box in many ways.


You can just dump the CSS into your custom CSS in your admin page, or maybe with an extension that can add CSS to the page.

The only tested (and therefore only mainly supported method) is through the custom CSS controlled my Mastodon instance admins.


  • Pop up menus are not dark themed. This includes the one that shows up with buttons in the compose box.
  • This CSS relies on the user having their system/browser theme set to dark.
  • Only the glitch-soc dark theme was tested for, so the Vanilla Mastodon or Modern Mastodon skins are not tested and may or may not work correctly.


CC0-1.0. See LICENSE for the full legal code. Attribution is definitely optional.